Destination Wedding Photographer


Claire is a DESTINATION WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER in the U.S and Europe. She uses what is already there to seek out the natural beauty in everything around her: the light, the subjects, and the moment. With 10 years of experience as a wedding photographer she plays with the styles, tones, and textures of her surroundings to create a joyful, organic look and feel in every composition. She has a deep passion for expressing the most humble and authentic by focusing on the sincere. She currently works around Europe, the US and and is available to capture weddings and pre-wedding worldwide.

My inspirations


Inspiring destinations around the world, in places that left me speechless, my desire to document every representation of color and light that makes a place unique.

There is something magical and inspiring about the sea. A place of infinite resource, where the mind can wander and be inspired. A way of life, a state of mind that fascinates me. A unique gradient of blue.

A curiosity for the food in general, Mediterranean, Mexican, Thai, Ethiopian, flavors and dishes are much more than flavors but an identity, an art of living and sharing, a history.

Their beauty inspires me, their shapes and colors are so diverse and surprising. In their natural state or enhanced by a florist, they are always beautiful.

How much their love for each other prevails. The authentic and effusive moments that are at the heart of a couple's story. Tears of joy, emotions. These moments are really anchored in my photographic vision.