The 10 best wedding venues in the South of France

A Destination Wedding in the South of France, with its enchanting landscapes, historic chateaux, and breathtaking vineyards, has long been synonymous with romance and timeless beauty. For couples seeking a destination wedding that transcends the ordinary, the South of France offers a myriad of stunning venues that promise to turn dreams into reality. Let’s explore the 10 best wedding venues in the South of France. This picturesque region, with unique charm and allure.

The 10 best wedding venues in the South of France
The 10 best wedding venues in the South of France

1. Château Saint-Martin & Spa: Nestled in the hills of Vence, Château Saint-Martin & Spa stands as a testament to refined luxury and old-world charm. This historic chateau from 12th century, surrounded by lush gardens and overlooking the azure Mediterranean, is a haven for couples seeking an intimate and magical wedding experience. It’s only 30 minutes away from Nice. The Michelin-starred restaurant and world-class spa add a touch of extravagance to this fairytale setting. Definitly one of the top 10 best venues for a Destination Wedding in the South of France.
Capacity: up to 150 guests
Price: From $300.000

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2. Grand hotel du cap Ferrat: Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat enjoys an unparalleled coastal location, where the Mediterranean’s gentle waves meet the rocky cliffs. Private terraces and exclusive beach access allow guests to bask in the Riviera’s sun-drenched ambiance or indulge in the cooling embrace of the sea. The Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat is a luxurious establishment; it is a sanctuary where the glamour of the French Riviera meets the tranquility of the Mediterranean.
Capacity: up to 400
Price: from $400/guest

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3. Chateau d’Estoublon: Château Estoublon is a captivating estate that seamlessly blends timeless elegance with the rustic charm of the French countryside.The château is framed by expansive vineyards and olive orchards, creating a pastoral scene that embodies the essence of Provence.Stepping into Château Estoublon unveils a world of understated luxury. The interior seamlessly fuses Provençal authenticity with modern comfort. High ceilings, exposed beams, and a warm color palette contribute to the château’s inviting ambiance. Every room reflects the commitment to preserving the historical character of the estate while offering a refined setting for celebrations. You can se more photos here.

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4 .Chateau de Tourreau: It’s hard to chose between all those beautiful venues but Chateau de Tourreau is one of my favorite. Situated in Provence,the colors, the garden and the rooms are just perfect for a perfect wedding. There is also a beautiful pool for your guests. You can see more photos of this venue here.
Capacity: up to 150 guests
Price: From $50.000

5. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild, Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat: For those desiring opulence and grandeur, Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild in Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat is an ideal choice. This Belle Époque mansion is surrounded by nine distinct gardens, each inspired by different corners of the globe. The villa’s architectural splendor and picturesque surroundings create a glamorous backdrop for a wedding that is as sophisticated as it is unforgettable. That’s the 5th of the 10 best wedding venues in the South of France.
Capacity: up to 300 guests
Price: From $80.000 euros


6 .Chateau de Fonscolombes: The château’s exterior is a harmonious marriage of classical architecture and Provençal charm. Stepping into the château’s interior is like entering a world of refined luxury. High ceilings, ornate moldings, and polished parquet floors contribute to the timeless elegance that characterizes each room.Château de Tourreau is the destination that captures the essence of Provence’s timeless allure. Whether exchanging vows in the gardens, celebrating in the grand ballroom, or simply savoring the tranquility of the surroundings, this château epitomizes the art of marrying history, luxury, and natural beauty in the heart of one of France’s most enchanting regions.
Capacity: up to 150
Price: $300/guest

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7. Hôtel Cap-Eden-Roc: The iconic 5 stars Hôtel Cap-Eden-Roc boasts a glamorous history and a cliffside location overlooking the Mediterranean. This legendary hotel offers couples the opportunity to exchange vows in an atmosphere of unparalleled luxury and sophistication. That’s the venue where Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge got married. It is definitely 1 if not the best one of the 10 best wedding venues in the South of France.
Capacity: up to 450 guests
Price: start at 200.000 euros

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8. Château de la Chèvre d’Or, Èze: Perched on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, Château de la Chèvre d’Or is the epitome of romance and luxury. With terraced gardens, panoramic views, and Michelin-starred dining, this enchanting castle offers a fairytale setting for couples envisioning a wedding amidst medieval architecture and breathtaking landscapes. The hotel has a 2 stars Michelin Restaurant and the best view I have ever experienced. All of it explain why it is one of the 10 best wedding venues in the South of France.
Capacity: up to 80 guests
Price: start at 300 euros/guest

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9. La Bastide de Gordes: Nestled atop the hills of the Luberon region in Provence, Bastide de Gordes stands as a harmonious blend of historic elegance and breathtaking natural beauty. This captivating bastide, overlooking the charming village of Gordes, is a sanctuary that captures the essence of Provencal charm and sophistication.
Capacity: up to 200 guests
Price: start at 30.000 euros


10. Cap Estel: Located on a private peninsula between Nice and Monaco, Cap Estel boasts unrivaled views of the azure waters of the Mediterranean. This five star hotel offers opulent suites and private villas, each meticulously designed to provide a haven of comfort and elegance. Cap Estel’s world-class chefs are dedicated to crafting exquisite menus that showcase the finest flavors of the region. You can’t visit the French Riviera without a stop at their restaurant. It’s one of the best I have experienced in the area.
Capacity: up to 130 guests
Price: start at 350 euros/guest

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When is the best time to get married in the South of France?

My favorites months are April, May, June and September. The high season has not started yet in April and June and the temperature is perfect for a outdoor wedding (around 77 degrees). The flowers are blooming, the days are longs and the lighting is perfect. Late spring is the best periods for weddings in the South of France.

July to August is the High-season. Summer in the south of France are hot. You can expect 86 degrees on average. It’s also the holidays season in France. It’s more crowded than the other months of the year as it’s a very touristic place in Europe. Those are the perfect months if you plan a boat trip/party for your wedding.

September and October are very good months too. It’s off season, there are much less tourists than July and August. The temperature is still great (77 degrees). Those months have the best light according to me. It’s ideal if you don’t like too much heat.

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In conclusion, the South of France offers a tapestry of enchanting wedding venues, each weaving its unique tale of love and romance. Whether exchanging vows in a historic chateau, an ancient abbey, or a contemporary villa, these 10 venues promise an unforgettable destination wedding experience in a region renowned for its timeless beauty. As you embark on this journey of eternal love, let the South of France be the canvas for your perfect wedding masterpiece.

Contact me if you have any questions about getting married in the South of France.

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