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How to choose a wedding venue in Europe

Finding a perfect place to get married isn’t easy. Before making a decision let’s identify what are the crucial wedding venue criteria. Always keep them in mind when organizing your wedding in Europe.

Venue capacity

Once you know the number of guests search for a place that suits your requirements. You can look for appartements or hotels for intimate weddings. If you have more guests, castles, villas are more adapted. The venue capacity determines whether everyone would feel comfortable.

Availability of dates

Indeed, the best destinations are in high demand.  If you prefer to celebrate your wedding in a popular venues you’d better check its availability in advance and make a reservation as soon as possible.

Location and surroundings

Whether you’re planning an indoor or an outdoor wedding, check the location and its surroundings. You might be interested in old villages, beaches, unique view, big city nearby or anything you had in mind before looking for the wedding venue in Europe.

Interior and rooms

The interior is pretty important if you are planning an indoor wedding. It has to represent the theme of your wedding. Even if you’re planning an outdoor wedding, an aesthetic interior is a big plus for your guests and some photos you might take inside (the prep’s for example).

Food and drinks

Are you looking for a specific cuisine? Some hotels have their own restaurants, while for some venues you have to consider a catering option. Of course, check the quality of the food before you big day.

Parking and transportation

Check if there is any parking at the venue or around the location with enough parking space. Make sure your guests have public transportation to easily come to the venue.


Once you’re ready to sign the contract check what services are included in the wedding package. Are you allowed to order catering from the side, invite a music band or set-up fireworks at night? Check the details and see what extra services the location has or not.

Alternatively, to make it easy, you can also work with a wedding planner who will know how to best advise you on the most suitable places according to your wishes and expectations for your big day. You can drop me a message if you need a list of professional wedding planners in Europe.


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