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Couple photoshoot in Montmartre- Paris

Shooting in Montmartre
Shooting in Montmartre

Couple photoshoot in Montmartre

Benoit and Caroline are the sweetest couple on earth. They wanted a couple photoshoot in Montmartre, Paris. We spent an hour walking in this romantic place in Paris. We could feel the Christmas spirit all around us. The smell of the roasted chestnuts in the streets, the musicians playing music, the kids laughing, families visiting Paris for the first time…it was a marvelous time doing the photos for this cute couple. “Oh my god this is the perfect photo with the cutest couple”, people were so happy this day. This is exactly the kind of moment I love to share with the people I photography. It was their first time being taken in photos and they were doing so good. “All you need is love” as I usually say to the couple I photography. And Paris is definitely the perfect place to celebrate love.

Photographer in Paris

If you want to know more about Montmartre history you can read this article. To see more photoshoots in Paris on my blog section.
Wether you are visiting Paris with your family, friends or your other half, doing a photoshoot in Paris is always a good idea 🙂
You are looking for a photographer in Paris or you want to organize a couple photoshoot in Montmartre I would love to help you organizing the shooting of your dream. You can contact me and tell me what is your dream photoshoot in Paris.

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