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Why getting married in the French Riviera?

21 November 2016

Why getting married in the French Riviera?


The French Riviera is definitely one of the best destination to spend your wedding day.

It is such a romantic place with amazing scenery and sunset.
It offers, seaside venues as long as typical  and charming local castles and villas.  From a jet set atmosphere to a more relax one you can find anything you like for your wedding.

There is a big list of wonderful venues in the region such as the Villa Ephrussi Rothschild, Mas de la Rose, Chateau d’Argent, Domaine des Grottes…and much more.

Villa Ephrussi Rothschild in France- Claire Eyos Photographer


France offers culinary excellence and an excellent services. The climate is pleasant 8 months/year.
I could list hundreds of reasons why getting married in the south of France is the best idea you had.

As a photographer with a vast experience in bridal industries, I decide to live in the French Riviera for all the reasons.


photographe-mariage-nice- claire eyos
Domaine des Grottes France – Claire Eyos Photographer 



You are getting married in the French Riviera and are still looking for your wedding photographer.

If you have already organized your wedding in the french riviera and are looking for a photographer you are at the right place.
If you are still looking thinking about it, I would love to help and recommend the best professionals in bridal industries.

Most of my customers are English or American but also from others European countries and the rest of the world.
Indeed, I would love to offer my services for one of the best experience you will have in your life.

I like natural and timeless photos. To me, the beauty is in the little moments. The real moments between you and your partner.
Whether you’re getting married at the best venue on the French Riviera, at your parents back yard or at your favorite beach, I would love to be
there alongside you.




You can find more of my work in the blog section.
I would love to ear about your wedding in the south of France, drop me a message and I will answer as soon as possible (usually 1 day).



Claire Eyos – Photographer French Riviera – Photographer South of France – Photographer in Provence

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