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Paris Destination Wedding at Chateau Bouffemont

Located just 30 km from the center of Paris and 20 minutes from Charles de Gaulle airport, the Château Bouffémont is nestles in the heart of the Montmorency forest. Completely renovated in 2012 under the leadership of its new owner, the Château is now exclusively dedicated to full privatization and welcomes chic romantic weddings and refined events. An exceptional place chosen by the wedding planner Aurélia Boulenger for this editorial inspired by nature, its foliage, and formal gardens. From couture wedding dresses to exquisite “Greenery Chic” floral arrangements, I loved all the beautiful details of this elegant wedding at Château Bouffémont.

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Welcome to the city of love, where enchantment meets elegance. Join me, your dedicated Parisian wedding photographer, as we delve into the timeless romance captured at the exquisite Château Bouffémont.

Chapter 1: Château Bouffémont – A Parisian Jewel Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Paris, Château Bouffémont emerges as a true gem. Uncover the allure of this historical château, known for its opulent interiors, meticulously landscaped gardens, and an ambiance that whispers tales of French elegance.

Chapter 2: The Perfect Parisian Wedding Setting Explore how Château Bouffémont sets the stage for an unforgettable Parisian wedding. From the sweeping staircases to the regal ballrooms, each corner of this château lends itself to creating a wedding celebration that resonates with sophistication and charm.

Chapter 3: Capturing Moments, Crafting Memories As your Parisian wedding photographer, my lens is dedicated to immortalizing every moment of your special day. Discover how we weave a visual narrative, capturing the essence of love amidst the grandeur of Château Bouffémont. Each photograph is a piece of art, telling the unique story of your Parisian affair.

Chapter 4: Seasonal Splendor at Château Bouffémont Explore the charm of Château Bouffémont through the seasons. From spring blossoms in the gardens to the warmth of summer sunsets, learn how the château transforms with the changing seasons, providing a versatile and picturesque backdrop for your wedding festivities.

Chapter 5: Tailoring Your Parisian Wedding Experience As your guide to the Parisian wedding of your dreams, we’ll delve into tailoring the Château Bouffémont experience to your unique vision. From styling tips to personalized photography sessions, discover how we curate a celebration that reflects your love story and resonates with the essence of Parisian romance.

Conclusion: Château Bouffémont epitomizes the magic of a Parisian wedding, and as your dedicated photographer, I’m here to make your dream celebration a reality. Let’s embark on this journey together, capturing the love, elegance, and timeless beauty of your wedding day at Château Bouffémont. Contact me to discuss how we can turn your Parisian wedding vision into a cherished reality.


We also wanted to show that greenery can be chic and elegant and can create a beautiful backdrop, and create a refined atmosphere for this elegant wedding at Chateau Bouffémont.
For the romantic side, we chose models who had a real complicity to recreate the emotions that could be seen in wedding photos and to give more life to this inspirational shoot.


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